"New" Apple-1 projects at C/PMuseum

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding Apple Computer, for the past several months I have been working on developing some "new" input for the Apple-1 community, to "give back" something to those who have been so helpful in my efforts to understand and enjoy this marvelous contribution to microcomputer history.

Of interest to Apple aficionados may be:

Apple-1 Replica (A.K.A. What I did with my Obtronix kit)

Apple-1 Prototype – a salute to Woz

And several "brand new" do-it-yourself projects for the Apple-1, including:

Apple-1 (Not So Super) Serial-1 Card

Apple-1 Debug-1 Board

Keytronics Hex Keypad Conversion

I have a website in progress to eventually document all of the vintage systems in my collection/museum, but because this is such a special time I have decided to go ahead and open the Apple-1 exhibits up in advance of the rest of the site. (Because if I wait for the entire site to be complete the Apple-1 might be 40!)

I will as time permits monitor this message board for comments and questions. I would encourage general responses and comments regarding the website be kept to this thread, but that any questions regarding the DIY projects be asked in a new thread dedicated to that specific project, so that others may more easily contribute their knowledge to that specific topic.

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is there any way you could sc

is there any way you could scan that schematic in to make a clearer higher resolution photo. it's kind of hard to see details when it's tilted like that.


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