Peer-To-Peer On An APPLE "PowerBook 540c" Computer

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It uses "System 7.6.1".

Is there any peer-to-peer software I could use that'd work with "System 7.6.1"
and be able to interact with stuff like "LimeWire", BearShare", "eDonkey", etc. ?

Thank You In Advance!
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cabos is

the only one I know about for classic that works at all well.



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The [url=http://cabos.sourcef

The home page for Cabos says it needs Mac OS 8.6. Also, I don't think the 540c has the power to handle the current generation of P2P networks. It can easily handle regular FTP and AppleTlak file sharing, but I'm almost sure running P2P on 25MHz isn't going to be satisfactory on any level, if one can even find a 68k P2P for MacOS.

There would be something to run under Linux or NetBSD, but it may come down to an issue of RAM and CPU power. It's probably not what you want to read, but one can find 333MHz Celeron machines for $15 from used shops. You can get them at that speed for free from alot of people. That would be enough to run a basic client, and you could even do some work and run it with out a monitor, and admin it from your 540c over a serial line or ethernet.


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