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I have too many unused icons on my desktop, and I keep forgetting every few seconds. If only there were some sort of friendly notification system built into Windows that would let me know that there were unused icons on the desktop, and notify me of this over and over and over, and some sort of wizard that could help with this really troublesome problem.


    To Disable The Notification Area Balloon Tips

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then press ENTER.

  2. Navigate to the following subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

  3. Right-click the right pane, create a new DWORD value, and then name it EnableBalloonTips.

  4. Double-click this new entry, and then give it a hexadecimal value of 0.

  5. Quit Registry Editor. Log off Windows, and then log back on. These steps disable all Notification Area balloon tips for this user. There
    is no way to disable balloon tips for specific programs only.

Got this from here

I'm sure there are some notifications that are really quite useful... but in this case, I, for one, have had enough... the baby goes with the bathwater. There are ways to reduce that particular notification to only appear once every 60 days... but who cares? I've never been in a situation where a Win notification balloon was in the least bit helpful to me.

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Good Tip

Wish I could do that at my day job. We use XP almost exclusively, and have had to shut off Automatic Updates. Last May, when one of the big updates came through (SP2?), it caused multiple problems with the software our company relies upon. So, we've simply turned it off. Problem is, some of our employees, in an effort to be "helpful", click on the balloon, and turn Auto Update back on.
They won't allow me to use this little Reg trick, though. Wish they would. Sigh...


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Well, at leastyou can apply

Well, at least
you can apply it to your own personal login... They can't have a prob with that, could they?

I use Microsoft Update, because it grabs Office updates, too, and leave Auto Update on... but I never wait for the auto update... takes too long. I usually update in the evenings on Patch Tuesday, and I must be faster than the auto thing. It sometimes takes days for Auto Update to work, and sometimes, for no reason at all, Auto Update fails to see there's an update.

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