Replica 1 starting question

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Hi! I have curiosity about something... when I turn on my replica 1, press reset and write 0000.0010, I get always the same data at those bytes:

0000: B7 22 BB 26 BB 32 BF 12
0008: BB 02 FB 67 FF 66 D1 A2
.... etc

I though those data should be random! why this behaviour?

of course it's not a problem, I only ask like curiosity Wink

(hey! my wooden box is almost finished! XD)

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Well, yes and no. This gets into the the way in which power is applied to the RAM module and other factors. I don't believe that the Woz monitor uses the first section of the zero page at all. It is not impossible for you to get whole sections of RAM with the same values and other sections like you are getting. Getting the same results at power up is not that rare.



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I noticed it happens often but not always, sometimes I have variations of those data, depending if I shut down and turn on fast the computer or I wait some minutes. Anyway is a really curious behaviour Wink