Graphics performance of Intel Mini???

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Im not looking to do graphic editing with it, but just curious of how much it can handle. I dont really play games on my mac, but if its willing, then ill see what it can do. i just dont know about shared 64mb ram for video Sad its almost mandatory that i get the 1GB ram system, and have apple put it in, im not ever taking it apart. but because im selling ALL the parts to my Dell laptop, ill have a few hundred bucks to go to the new mac i hope. i would soooo splurge on an imac if i could wait that long to save the money. 1300 is a little steep for me right now. i cant sell the G4 for much so ill keep that, and i cant sell the lombard cuz im using it at work. i have an AIO machine but those arent worth anything in my eyes....


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