any one see this about pay-pal

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its rather freaky

i use pay-pal my self. and i think they are a good company


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Re: Not until now ...

madmax_2069 wrote:

... i use pay-pal my self. and i think they are a good company

So do I use them. I have no idea how 'good' they are, and PayPalSucks denies that they are good. However, even though neither eBay nor PayPal has impressed me with its thundering about the obligations on buyers, but shows little overt care about the obligations on sellers, I have no sustainable complaint against either. Indeed, PayPal forced a seller, who could not substantiate shipment to me of bought goods, to deliver. Whether it was the original goods or some that the seller had to buy in I have no idea, but I got a scarce item that I had paid and waited for.



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