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Hey, I heard there was a small download that you could get for iBooks and Powerbooks that allowed you to have a two-finger scroll feature like the iBook G4 and such. Anyone know where to find that?

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two finger?

not sure what you mean by that...
But SideTrack and Free focused scroll are the only other two drivers I know of... both allow vert/horiz scrolling customization, and corner tapping assigning, etc.

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iScroll2: [url]http://www-


Worked fine for me on an older 15" AlBook; can't say how well it'll work on the iBooks.


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dual USB

i have used it on both my iBook G4 (pre-scrolling era) and my old iBook 900MHz G3 (now defunct) and i have seen it work on the 600MHz iBooks too.
I would think it would be safe to say that it will pretty much work with all of the dual USB iBooks (the 600 was from the first gen Dual USB iBook)


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I'm a big fan of Sidetrack... well worth the registration fee. As well as the scrolling, I have the corner taps set up to trigger Expose... which is really handy because it saves moving your hand up to the keyboard.