macbook pro and 22 cimena display problems

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i purchased a 15inch macbook pro yesterday and everything is great except for one very strange problem. I have it hooked up to a 22inch apple lcd (with adc to dvi adapter) and the monitor looks great, except when playing a dv, or displaying black on the screen. when there is a dark picture on the screen (like the bars on the top and bottom during a movie), green horizontal line flicker all over the picture. Strangely, this gets worse when i move the windows to the left edge of the screen. The movies play fine however on the internal macbook display.

this post on apple discussion board is pretty much the same problem i have

i am positive that:
the 22inch lcd is fine because i have tested it with 3 different computers
the video out on the mac book pro is fine (tested it with another monitor)-vga
the adapter is fine-tested it with another adadoter
cables are good-swapped cables

i truly think this is a software problem (video driver) but dont know a fix. has anyone else seen any thing like this and could please help me out??


attached is a picture of 2001 a space odyssey with the green lines ruining the picture!

thank you and please help!


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Attachment fixed.

Attachment fixed.


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monitor problems

I just went to a 22inch acer monitor driven by my macbook.
most of the letters in entourage are missing pixels as are some in this text. basically i got a bigger montor that is as blurry as my 17" it was replacing.

Not sure why it's so crystal clear on the mac and blurry on the montor.

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This probably warranted a new

This probably warranted a new thread, but... Is you new LCD being run at it's native resolution? If it's having to scale the screen then it's going to have problems getting it to display. Sometimes there is also a n "autoset" feature that will re-scale the display to help clear thing up a bit. I've got a 19" Acer LCD on my Mac mini, and at any thing other than it's native 1280x1024, I can see "fuzziness" or jaggies or missing pixels.


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