Beige G3 PSU desktop to minitower

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Is it possible to put a desktop G3 beiges PSU into a minitower mobo. Will the PSU be able to connect to the mobo and will it power it?

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With a jumper setting

The connector is the same but the pins are slightly different. All you have to do tho' is change a jumper setting and it should be fine. IIRC the jumper is a block of 4 mins (2x2) and is behind the PCI slots and near the reset switch. The DT PSU needs the mac setting I think the tower and ATX PSUs use the other setting.

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Yea... take a look at the boa

Yea... take a look at the board and you will see the jumper setting. I believe its even labeled properly. Quick jumper and it will power everything.

The B&W was simular but required more rewiring... the beige is pretty straight foward..



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