Airport extreme base station setup

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hi i dont know if i am posting this in the right topic so forgive me,
well i was just given a airport extreme base station and i want to setup a wireess network naturaly so i was wondering can a base station be use as a airport card in the sence can i plug it into my ibook g3 clamshell and use my powerbook 1400 with a lucent wifi card to have a wireless network? i also have a desktop pc with a broadband connection so what would be the best setup for my situation?


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Quick, fast & dirty answer

The AirPort base station will act as a router, assigning DHCP addresses to each computer on your network. You will need to have an Ethernet switch to hook up more than one computer in a "hardwired" setup.

DSL or Cable ---> AirPort ---> Ethernet switch ---> Multiple hardwired computers
................Multiple wireless computers

Once you've got things wired in place, you can use the AirPort Setup Utility on the iBook (I believe you said it would be hardwired) to set up the rest of the network. The Utility makes it pretty simple.

The Lucent card in the 1400 will work splendidly on an AirPort network. IIRC, the AirPort card is just a Lucent card with a different label.

Good luck, and have fun!



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