Old Fashioned Flatbed Plotter

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Hi, I am new and hope this is how it is done. I am an artist in Boston who is using an eye tracking lab to create drawings. I want to output onto nice drawing paper using actual pens and, if possible, graphite, using an old flatbed plotter. My problem: Can't find a flatbed plotter anywhere! All the architects seem to have thrown theirs away. If anybody has one, knows of one, cam find one, please contact me at .

Thanks so much,

Sheila Gallagher

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Find a recycling company like

Find a recycling company like www.surplusexchange.org and see what they get in. I know that over the years SE has gotten many plotters in. If they happen to have any, and you are in so much need, I'm pretty sure they can arrange shipping of something that large.

I love this part in the Tech Shop page:


Call the Tech Shop
They only SOUND grumpy

Heh, I've been in enough to know that if you can talk the talk and know what you need, they can be very helpful.


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AMVETS Thrift Store

There's an AMVETS Thrift Store on Brighton Ave in Allston that used to carry a lot of computer surplus. Address is 80 Brighton Ave, a little more than 4 blocks west of where Commonwealth Avenue diverges, south side of the road. Can't make any promises, but I used to have good luck there.
And to answer the question, my youngest sister was going to Boston U at the time, but is officially BC alumni. That's how I found the place.



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old plotter

John and Robe-
You are gems. Thanks for the leads.
Sheila Gallagher