is osx tiger universal

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would the version of tiger that came with my intel imac work on an imac dv se? if the whole system wouldnt work then would just the ilife apps work?
thanks for the info.

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AFAIK, they aren't. At least, not yet...
Maybe Apple will be selling 2 different OS Boxes for the next gen OS? I think the iLife Apps *might* be univeral Binary. You would have to try. Not sure if it is legal to do that though, seeing as you would be transfering the license from one machine to another...


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Mac OS X and iLife

iLife 06 and iWork 06 are universal. As coius has said, OS X is not universal yet. I expect OS X to be a universal release in 10.5 in one box.


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thanks for the input. im not trying to double liscense anything im thinking i want to take the ilife programs off of my intel and use them on my imac dv se just to see how they work and if its worth buying. i tried to install just the packaged programs from my install/restore dvds but it says it cannot be done. is there a way? do i have to install tiger on the computer? its running 10.3 now. thanks

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You may be able to pop open t

You may be able to pop open the installer packages (right click -> view package contents) and manually install the programs from the installer tome (Archive.pax.gz, iirc).

However, I expect most of the modern iLife apps have dependencies on components of OS X 10.4 (Spotlight) and so will need tiger installed beforehand.

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just to let you know, i tried

just to let you know, i tried installing ilife '06 on my ever trusty pismo, and to my dismay, it requires a G4 or better.


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ive even tried installing iCh

ive even tried installing iChat AV from tiger onto my panther system and it doesnt work.


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