Help me identify this disk controller

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I found this card in an Apple ][E. It seems to be a floppy disk controller, but I have no idea what kind. The firmware ROM says it was made by Applied Engineering, but the silkscreen on the board says Vtech. Anyone have more info on this thing? I'm curious as to whether or not it can handle high-density drives (since it appears to be new enough for that).

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I really have no idea, but I

I really have no idea, but I think that Vtech had something to do with the Pippin...perhaps this is a piece of Pippin hardware?
Anyone else?


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I did some more googling and

I did some more googling and came up with this page:

Looks like the card can't do high-density drives, but it can do everything else.

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Yeah, that's a Laser/VTech Universal Controller Card. Not a common card, but it is sought after because it allows the use of Apple 3.5 drives on a IIe - don't use UniDisk 3.5 drives with it though.

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UDC Manual

Hey Guys.

Here's the manual if you'd like it: