Mac CC Mystic HD Size Question?

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Can anyone tell me what the largest sized SCSI hard drive a CC Mystic can handle? I have a few 4gb drives and wanted to know if they would work in a CC with the Mystic upgrade?


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Mac CC Mystic HD Size Question?

I believe you can use your 4 gi hd's. i think os 7 only recognizes up to 2 gig partitions? It would treat your 4 gig hd's as 2 seperate 2 gig hd's. Bigdog128

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Depends on what OS you run. All my 68k Macs run NetBSD. ☺ 9GB drives work just fine!

But you're probably curious about System 7. The other poster is correct. If you can't use 4GB, just split it into 2 2GB partitions.


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