Softdisk Collection?

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Hi all!

I have a question on Softdisk. Does anyone have the complete collection in image format or on CD? I have a CD from the owners of Loadstar which was the Commodore 64 equivalent. Actually, I beleive Loadstar spun off from Softdisk. Anyhow, I'd like to find the complete collection of Softdisk images if possible. Please let me know.


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Re: Softdisk Collection?

I have a number of Softdisk issues on CD. Do you want all of them ??

You might find some issues for download on

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Softdisk Collection

The entire Softdisk collection is being sold legally, and under license by Syndicomm.

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Wow! $100? Thats a bit much.

Wow! $100? Thats a bit much. I was able to get all the Loadstar issues on CD 1-240 I believe for $40. I'll have to hold off on the Softdisk material. I'm still interested in getting it, but will do so at a later date. That $100 could be used to buy the CF card adapter for my IIE or the Ethernet card which are higher priorities right now. Smile

Thanks for the link though. I've saved it as a favorite.