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hey i saw on a forum else where that This program Mognet can work on the newton one guy was listing his wardriving kitand he listed mognet was on his messagepad 2000 and i found the link for the program but i have no idea how to get it working as i know nothing about java
any ideas?


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Newtontalk archives

Have you searched the Newtontalk archives for "Waba Development"?

Otherwise, the last mention of a native stumbler was 10-20-2002. With Hiroshi's recent pulling away fromt he WiFi stuff, I do not think it will ever happen.

There have been threads on Newtontalk about a JVM, try a few searches there and see if it answers your question better. From what I understand, you need the Java stuff up and running on the Newton to support this and I am unsure where the growth/stability of that capability is at this time.


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