vga mod on cc

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Hi peoples newbie here Laughing out loud

I've done the vga mod (connected pin 8 to pin 12 and done the sense wire)

When I tried to test it, it boot up no problem and brought me to the desktop menu, this happend twice I turned it on and booted up to the desktop menu.

But after three days I turned it on and tried to boot on again but it only gets me to the screen where a small disk icon appears and after that a small color classic icon.

Now it never boots up to the desktop menu.

What gives? any ideas on what to do?

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try booting from a Floppy wit

try booting from a Floppy with an OS, and see if the drive shows up. If it does, your Drive OS might be corrupt, which would instill a reinstall.

Usually, the "[?]* means that it can't find the system folder or any OS.


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bad for me

Thanks for your reply coius

Too bad for me I don't have a floppy with an OS can anyone show me somelink on where to buy or download it instead?

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Google for "gamba Macintosh"

Google for "gamba Macintosh" and you'll find the home page of Gamba. The site has lots of links to system disks on floppy images.

You can find info on using a PC to write Mac disk images at the always useful Jag's House.

You'll also likely need a PC version of Stuffit Expander.

Also, here's a link to an OS 7.6 disk tools image. Link


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