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I have worn down the bottom of my PowerBook Lombard so much that both labels are gone along with the serial number. Is there another location of the serial number so that I will know what it is?

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common problem

Very common problem with many Wallstreet and Lombard 'Books, crummy choice by Apple on the label and ink. The serial is nowhere else on the 'Book itself (?), but IIRC on a Lombard it can be found in Apple System Profiler.

The MLB has a serial number, but I don't think it's the same as on the chassis. I'm not sure where that info's kept, open firmware perhaps? It's persistant across HD changes, so it must be resident on either the MLB (or maybe the PMU board?)

Edit: Well, maybe or maybe not. I just popped the hood on my DVI TiBook and the MLB number is the same as the chassis number, which nicely matches the number reported by ASP. Hmm.

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it is the same s/n on the mot

it is the same s/n on the motherboard as the case unless you upgraded your motherboard like i did.


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System Profiler

I know that the serial number appears in the Apple System Profiler on Sawtooth and Digital Audio G4s.

I'm not sure when Apple started doing this, and with which other models, but it's an easy place to check before taking the Powerbook apart.


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