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Can anyone tell me what the part number is for a IIsi ROM SIMM?

Anyone know which companies made them?

Did Samsung make some?

Any ideas on how to aquire a bunch?

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Apple made all ROMs, but they

Apple made all ROMs, but they may have used Samsug or Toshiba or whoevers components. If it is a ROM SIMM it will say Apple on the chips somewhere, and maybe on the SIMM PCB too.


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Gamba listed all of the known

Gamba listed all of the known IIsi and IIfx ROM SIMMs at http://home.earthlink.net/~gamba2/index.html.

I bought my IIsi SIMM for my SE/30 off eBay in a badly listed auction -- the ROM was included amongst a bunch of 1MB SIMMs; if you'd looked at the photos accompanying the auction, you'd have seen that that there was more than the seller knew. For my IIfx ROM, I mailed a guy who was splitting a dead system but hadn't advertised the ROM.

As for finding a bunch, forget it unless someone finds a fist full in a warehouse. Keep your eyes open on eBay, get the list of part numbers from Gamba, open up all the IIsi boxes that cross your path, try the IIfx ROM instead (more common, surprisingly on the surface).

Why? 32 bit clean SE/30 or IIcx?


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I am setting up about 5-7 SE/30's...
I have enough IIfx ROMs for all of them, but I can't get them to boot in A/UX or NetBSD with the IIfx ROM... if you look on other posts, some believe it is because during the boot both OS's look at the ROM and then try to initialize hardware that isn't there. It hangs (in A/UX) on that blank screen just before the login window should appear. Crud.

I haven't been able to boot into A/UX with the IIsi ROM, but others have, and NetBSD boots fine with the IIsi ROM, also.

As far as I can tell, IIfx ROMs are ONLY good for 32-bit clean memory for running System 7 faster (speculated because the ROM contains a good amount of System 7 code?), and the hacked System 8. I have nothing against Mac OS, but I wanted unix boxes (as well).

If you don't care which you use, and are not using A/UX or NetBSD, care to trade ROMs?

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your link is broken, I think this is it (oh, wait, its the period you left on the end)

What happened to Gamba, anyway?... I've tried to contact him about the right-angle adapters and I just get my mail returned.

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where is Gamba?

I had the same problem trying to reach Gamba about right angle connectors, I never did find Gamba but I did find the connectors.
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a PCB Hack . . .

. . . would work. I still think that the best approach is to lay out a new ROM SIMM PCB for some kind of available non-volatile memory ICs, like Flash Memory, an EEPROM or even a set of some old DIP EPROMs and burn new sets.

If you're doing several systems at once, that's surely the most efficient solution, barring the discovery of a freakin' pile of inexpensive OEM SIMMs.

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