Replica 1 SE production has begun

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Well, after a few changes to the board and some improvements and other changes the replica 1 SE is ready for production. Right now the board house is making the board blanks and preperations are being made for kits and assembled boards. Here's a picture of the replica 1SE. The latest features added are serial standard with USB as an option. Also added powered by USB giving the user the ability to power the replica 1 off of the USB port with the optional USB adaptor, meaning you don't even need a wall wart power supply to power the replica 1 when using the USB port!! ATx adaptor for a more modern power connection when needing 12V, and -12V power sources such as when using the ASCII keyboard. On/Off switch onboard as well as the much requested power on LED! 5V and GND power planes on the top and bottom of the board for better power distribution throughout. 50 Boards are expected back by July 21 and preorders will begin soon on a first come first serve basis. After the first 50 I will evaluate demand for future production runs. I'm also working on an expansion board with 3 44 pin slots for add-on cards and a debug board with breakpoint for debugging circuits or code.

[img] 1s.jpg[/img]



replica 1 The Apple 1 replica and the new Micro-KIM!

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It looks really great. I'd bu

It looks really great. I'd buy one if I had the cash.