Buslink Usb External Drive Hack

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I was wondering if anyone could help me hack my Buslink usb external
drive to support older floppies such as 400kb (mac) 800kb (mac) 880kb
(amiga). The external floppy has internally a standard floppy interface
such as used in a PeeCee, and uses a standard PeeCee floppy drive. I
have a floppy drive that supports 880kb 800kb and I think 400kb. During
my research I found that the external case only provides 5v to the
floppy power wire (needs 5v and 12v) EVEN with an external power supply,
which seems to be enough for the stock floppy but doesn't seem to be
enough for the floppy drive I want to use. The chip-set used smsc
usb97cfdc-mn has support for custom disk format support via the flash
firmware chip.

97cfdc.pdf Is the developer documentation for the chip-set.

an1119.pdf Has some information related to the chip-set used.

package.pdf Has detailed information about the pin-out.


Zach Stuart

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