question: ov3rclock an iMac tower

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i just got a 400MHz iMac G3 logic board for 8 bucks on ebay. i really had nothing to do with it, but hey, its 8 bucks. so anyway, i figured i'd put it in a tower and maybe overclock it. i've searched all over for tips but everyone says they dont recomend it because that CPU has no cooling, well in my tower it will have a heatsink and case fans. does this open up new doors? i cant find any advice taking this into acount. i've already o/ced my B&W PM, does the imac board use jumper blocks in the same way, or does something need soldered? how much can i get out of a 400? should i push 500, keeping in mind this is an $8 experiment?


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Here's a link to help you: h

Here's a link to help you:
If I understand correctly you have to configure a set of resistors to adjust the clock speed.


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