iMac hacking video out

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So now that my iMac is working (almost), how do I get VGA output?!?! It's one of the 350 Mhz models, which doesn't have the port on the back. I just need to mirror.

I realize the older iMacs (rev. A-D) have the monitor cable ready for access and you can use an external monitor with them if need be. I can scrounge up a 233 iMac if needed, but I really need to run Keynote on the iMac, and it requires 8 MB VRAM. So, either of my 2 350 Mhz models are what I have to go with.

Any ideas??

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The 350MHz motherboards have

The 350MHz motherboards have the solder pads for a VGA connector where it would be on the 400MHz, so I suppose if you sourced a connector you sould solder one on there. Dunno if any of the circuitry needed to drive it would be missing, though.


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