Powerbook Screen Removal

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I removed my screen from a powerbook g4 ti. I would like to hook up this computer to a dvi display. when i do i have to use mirror mode. is there a way that i can make it so that it recognizes that the original display is still not present?


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yes, young Padawan

You have to fool the 'Book into thinking it's in 'clamshell mode' (ie: lid shut) which tells the 'Book to ignore the builtin display. Easiest way I found was to tape a magnet over the sleep switch which lies under the trackpad. To locate the precise position, wave a small magnet around over the trackpad until the 'Book goes to sleep.

If you need to use the trackpad, you may not be happy with this arrangement (magnet taped to trackpad), so another option could be to physically short the switch.

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