Epson Stylus C82

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My friend has an Epson Stylus C82 and it just keeps printing blank pages. Should there be a hole in the top of the ink cartridge, or not? The ones with the holes in the top, whenever you remove them the ink leaks out of the bottom, is this good or bad? Should I remove the plugs off of the top of the other ink cartrages or not? Thanks!!!!

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re epson stylus c82

don't know about that model but generally there should be no hole in top...
and taking plugs off top is why it leaks...

usually you just take the the little plastic strips off the bottom of a new cartridge

more likely not printing (assuming there is any ink in them after leaks) due to a driver problem also always check you computer to printer cable connects as first trouble shoot and if there is a card in computer that its seated correctly

go to epson web site and see if you can find right c82 driver for your operating system and install it