email notifications for priv. msgs.

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is it possible to write a script into the apple fritter site, that when you get a message in you inbox, that it will email you tell that you have a PM? Or maybe (probably won't happen) having it also tell you what is said in the message within the email the site sends?



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I second the motion

Over in the barracks, you get a simple email stating that you have a PM. This would be nice if we had it here as well. I do not care about having the text of the message unless you want to get fancy enough to let me respond to the PM via email...

...but a simple notifier would be nice.


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Well, I'll just vote for it

In a recent up-to-the-earballs period of 2mo. I didn't visit, and therefore left PMs completely unfound and, worse, unanswered. Given the stimulus of You Have A PM reminder, I might not have unwittingly neglected those PMs. Nearly a year later, any progress?



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this motion has my vote as we

this motion has my vote as well! it would be very nice to have email notifications of when i get a pm.


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