Cleaning Color Classic Case & Keyboard etc...

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Any special way to do this?

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Re: Cleaning Color Classic Case & Keyboard etc...

PBookish wrote:

Any special way to do this?

I use 'bicycle chain cleaner'. Works very well, Wouldn't want it to get inside the keyboard, though!



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chain cleaner?

Stuart, do you know what the composition of that chain cleaner is? A quick Google didn't turn up much, so I'm hoping the packaging has some info., or at least a brand name so I can refine my search.

I've used Goo-Gone extensively, complemented by ammonia-based window cleaner to remove Goo-Gone's slightly oily residue. Works great for removing old pen, marker and grease pencil.

I've yet to try peroxide on the case as outlined here a few weeks back.


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Goo-Gone can damage the finis

Goo-Gone can damage the finish on some cases (scowl internally about recalling the cream color and texture of some case's plastic fading away... can't remember the exact application). Although I am terrified of most cleaning agents doing this, and of even physical effort during cleaning as being capable of scarring the case, I will suggest oven cleaner! Really just really strong soap. Residue can be more difficult to remove, though. My reply is rather late. Have you cleaned the case already? What luck did you have? Smile