Logitech mouse/keyboard driver doesn't work on PPC macs

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After searching around Logitech site came on the info below which implies to me that the lc20.dmg driver if it works on macs only works on intel macs which is not at all clear in the driver download section. If you have PPC mac steer clear of Logitech since you will not be able to use most of the buttons on a multiple button mouse using their drivers. So their new meyboard mouse combo will be bought by PPC users unaware that all functionality is not there.

Will my mouse or trackball work in another operating system besides Windows?


Yes, the mouse or trackball should work in your operating system, but not the MouseWare software that comes with your product. You should only install MouseWare into a version of Windows specified on the MouseWare CD. Additionally, there are no plans to develop software for non-Windows operating systems.
Logitech pointing device hardware is built to industry standards for their respective hardware compatibility. For example, Logitech USB pointing devices are built to the USB 1.1 specification, and Logitech PS/2 devices are built to the IBM PS/2 specification. Logitech serial devices are built to be Microsoft Serial compatible. Therefore, if the operating system (OS) you are using supports these standards, then Logitech pointing devices should provide basic functionality.
When configuring a Logitech Pointing Device in your OS, use a Logitech driver, if it is listed. If no Logitech driver is listed, use the drivers compatible with your hardware connection. For example, if you are using a PS/2 port mouse, use a PS/2 driver offered by the OS. In the case of serial devices, use Microsoft drivers.
Using drivers supplied with your operating system, you should be able to use the device for basic point and click functionality with at least 2 buttons supported; all other features such as additional buttons or scroll wheels may or may not function. Consult your operating system manual or manufacturer for more information about setting up pointing devices in your OS.


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Joined: Jul 9 2006
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steermouse works well though