Meh... Took them long enough....

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Finally, apple introduced the wireless mighty mouse. All i can say is "Meh..." I think i could stick with a non-apple mouse. They seem to be cheaper, and don't have any less functionaliy than the might mouse


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My main mouse has been a Logi

My main mouse has been a Logitech MX1000 for nearly two years now. It has superb tracking, it's very comfortable, and the buttons are put in sensible locations and are programmable. Best of all, the battery lasts for about two weeks and it comes with a charging cradle. The Mighty Mouse is unimpressive in comparison.


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$70 is too expensive. I'd buy

$70 is too expensive. I'd buy one, but only if the education discount applied towards it (which as of yesterday it didn't).


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I wonder if they fixed the sc

I wonder if they fixed the scroll problem. I remember with mine (I now use a logitech) it constantly didn't want to scroll down. Alot of people on the Apple Support Forums had the same problems.



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maybe I am just too cheap...

Maybe I am just too cheap because I have always been happy with the mouse that came with my Mac (even the hockey puck that came with my iMac). The only thing I have ever done was bought a trackball (mainly because I wanted a trackball for occasional use) and an iCatch holder for the aforementioned hockey puck (which I actually picked up from a school's discard pile for nothing and only because my wife hated the puck).

I guess if I did a lot of gaming, I would have a gravis or something, and if I did art work more, I would have a stylus pad, but neither of these are mice per say.

Other than ergonomic preference, what is the real big reason to by an after-market mouse??


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I am a logitech person

I am a logitech person and probly will be until somthing better comes out, because while they may be cheap ($18 X 3 mice) they are all a few years old and never mess up. one of them is around 4 years and has gotten dropped i dont know how many times going in and out of a bag with my laptop to work every day.


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logitech is just kick butt ha

logitech is just kick butt hardware, I own a wireless logitech xbox controller, a wireless logitech xbox comunicator both has been threw hell and still work like new. both was hand me downs from friends that bought a 360, i only paid $10 for the controller and $15-20 for the communicator. and i have a wired logitech mouse and a wireless and never had a problem with them.

i have never had problems with any thing logitech, as a hardware company they rock


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I'm getting one ...

Through work. I've been using one of the existing bluetooth mice and have been happy with it, but wishing for it to be a mighty mouse. I asked for one from work when it came out (along with fm pro 8.5 - fm pro 7 runs horribly under rosetta), and am expecting it in the next couple of days (fm pro 8.5 came in today). We'll see how it works out for me. I've been happy with the existing form factor and like the mighty mouse, so a wireless mighty mouse sounds real good to me.

I'd probably buy one for myself if it weren't provided by work, though I'd probably wait a little longer to do it.


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Logitech Trackman Wheel...

... is da bomb for me. I started having carpal-tunnel problems several years ago and bought an ADB Trackman Marble (the predecessor to the Trackman Wheel). I've been hooked ever since. I'm now using the USB Trackman Wheel; bought it in 2001 (when I got my 500MHz TiBook) and it still works like a champ.

The wife & kidlings use a Microsoft optical mouse (what can I say; it was on sale at Office Max when we bought the mini!) At work I've replaced most of the users' mouses with Logitech optical scrollwheel units; they are much nicer than the M$ clunker at home. Logitech makes some good hardware.


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I have to say, Logitech makes

I have to say, Logitech makes nice hardware but they're software sucks. Kensington has the best or most expandable software I have used.


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For some reason you can no longer BTO a wireless keyboard and mouse with any of Apple's computers on the Apple Store. It's a bit strange... you would have thought they'd offer the wireless keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse as a BTO, as they offered the wireless keyboard and standard mouse up until the BT MM came out.