My new blog: Retro-Computing

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I usually post some of my adventures in here, but I'm going to start blogging about my fascination with old computers. I'm starting off by covering the old computers that I own which are still running. Their Make/Model, CPU type and speed, general system specs, followed by how I'm using them today. The tagline "archaic hardware for modern computing" pretty much sums it up. Most of us know that even the oldest computers can be put to good use as long as you're not using them for much more than they were used for in their prime.

When I run out of old computers to profile, I'll cover the project-du-jour or do some teardown/rebuilds. It'll be a while before I run out of things to talk about.

As it turns out, the things I do now aren't that much different than the things I was doing 15 years ago. Okay, they are different, but not by much. My BBS habit's been replaced by surfing forums and blogs. E-Mail is E-Mail. Programming is programming. UNIX is UNIX.

Anyhow, this is your invitation to keep an eye on it.


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