CC LCD Mods?

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Are there any pictures of Color Classic LCD mods around anywhere? I can definitely see how this would be enticing, as that would open up the entire CRT cavity for expansion... But given that the CRT is a Trinitron, the plastic bends a little to accomodate the curvature of the screen (granted, it's only one direction, but still). An LCD would leave an unsightly gap at the top and bottom. I wonder if anyone has taken on this mod, and if so, how they've hidden or reduced that gap.




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This is one of my favorites:

This is one of my favorites:

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camos CM-840D

If anyone finds a US company that sells the "camos CM-840D" lcd, please post it. I have all the parts to start this project but no LCD.

I have the large side panel from a Powermac 6400 that I have been practicing cutting out the curved strip from to use as to fill in the area when a straight LCD is put in the curved CRT area of the Color Classic.