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Seeing as how the Replica 1 SE has been released, I thought it would be interesting to see how a petition for a second edition of the Apple I Replica Creation book would go. So here it is, please add your own comments and opinions. What I'd like to see is information on the Replica 1 SE and the new Krusader assembler that was added to it. Also maybe more software on the included CD. It would be cool if my SDL Pom1 was included, so I can see my name included in a book. Smile

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I think that if tom is willing, he could create a second edition of the book in honor of the Replica 1 SE, seeing as it has many new features and such. So consider this my signature!


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I'm all for it...but think of this.....

I'm all for Tom and Vince coming up with a second addition book, but I don't know what the overall valve would be. The first edition included pretty much everything the hobbiest would want from the Replica 1. I like the new SE design but without more additional items to go with the Replica 1, I don't think they will sell enough copies.

Vince had mentioned that he was working on an expansion board. I believe items such as these would increase the interest in the Replica 1 and perhaps take it beyond the original applications. For example, I would like to build a relay control board and be able to write simple programs to automate something. I lack the professional knowledge to construct that will work the first time every time and my BASIC/Assemby programming skills are not quite "safe for solo". A simple board kit would be fun to build and perhaps a good solid example based tutorial on Machine Language would continue my spending on such a project.

There are CF drive for other computers, why not the Replica 1 SE?. COSMAC Elf and Sinclar ZX-81 Computers had aftermarkert (after thought) Graphical display interfaces added. What about going beyond the original Apple 1 designs and create MODEMS and Joystick interfaces and a better Display monitor program. I applaude Vince on keeping the look and feel of the original Apple 1 for the future generation but I say we don't stop there. I don't know where I read it at but Woz had intended most of what we saw in the Apple 2 for the Apple 1, but found it SIMPLER to redesign. We have obiviously the technology dirt cheap available to us 30 years later so lets take advantage of it.

That is what would make a gret second addition.

BTW, I have been bugging both Vince and Tom to publish more on the Replica 1 but they have been pretty busy.