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I'm building a "Mystic" and gathering parts for a 603e "Takky". I have a motherboard and 630 harness from a Perfroma 5200/75. (yes, I know that there are better motherboards to use, but they don't get much better than FREE).
I have seen conflicting advice regarding installing a second PSU for a PCC.

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My first try was a 5200/75 also, for the same reasons. The stock power supply worked fine for me. It's a good way to start and get the basic wiring done and tested.


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With a 5200 mobo you should b

With a 5200 mobo you should be fine with the one PSU -- the CC's original PSU located on the analog board.

The CC's PSU can sometimes be insufficient if you have a lot of new power draws (big HD, expansion cards, etc). But the main reason a second PSU is sometimes recommended for a Takky is that many of the Takky mobos need it. Specifically, a 6360, 5400 or 6400 mobo will not work without a PSU that supplies 3.3V (in addition to the usual 5V). 5500 and 6500 mobos apparently have circuitry on them that converts 5V input into 3.3V, but even so, their PCI slots may not work if you use them with the CC's original PSU (though in general the boards will work and the Takky will boot up).

One way to solve this problem is to put in a 3.3V regulator circuit. But another way is to use a second PSU, which provides a 3.3V line, and which can power, say, a G3 upgrade and the other aforementioned high-power-draw items.


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I was successful installing a

I was successful installing a 6500/275 board with an LC power supply where the speaker assembly used to be. I used the power supply to run both the hard drive and floppy drive. The analog board ran the CRT and the logic board that had 64Megs of RAM and a PCI Ethernet 10/100 card from Farallon. I had NO problems with this config at all. It had a 7200 RPM 10 GB drive and stock CC floppy. It was great. Heh, I remember running Red Faction Dedicated server on it for 6 players in a team DM and it ran awesome. Laughing out loud