What New Inkjet Printers Will Work With OS 9?

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As my daughter gets ready to head off to college (good Lord, am I that old already?!) I find that I don't have a printer to send off with her. The trouble is, she has a Wallstreet Powerbook running OS 9.2.1, and it seems everybody and their dog supports OS X, but not OS 9. Or at least if they do, it's not advertised that they have drivers for OS 9. We do have a USB PC card for it, so if I can find a decent printer with decent OS 9 support, she should be set. But which manufacturer?

I'm somewhat partial to Canon printers, but am open to others, with good recommendations.

Oh, and since she's going to a private college, money is a major consideration. Cheaper = better (just as long as I'm not buying printer cartridges for her every two weeks.)


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OS 9 Printers

Hello, I may soon be in need of a OS 9 USB printer so I took up the search.
I checked the websites for Canon, Epson, and HP with poor results. Funny how many have support for Windows 98 but not Mac OS 9.
Finally did a Frugal / Google search and got some results.
Or how about this
I hope this helps, sure was an education for me.
*** I would also suggest you do a search RE: Printer Ink prices and availability before making a purchase***