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I have this great imac g5 - but my screen seems to have this green tint to it - I suspect it may have been caused by adobe photoshop CS2 - but i have no idea how to remove it - I have tried many time color calibration on system preferences but the problem still exists. any idea how to remove this greenish tint? Thanks!

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Some diagnostics

First and foremost, have you confirmed that this issue is only present when running off of your normal OS X install? Try booting from an OS X install disc - is there still tint? If so, we've eliminated software as being the culprit.

Next, try connecting to an external monitor (you'll need the mini vga-regular vga adapter cable - this should be available inexpensively from any apple dealer). If the green tint is present on both the lcd and the external display, the issue is on the logic board. If it's only on the LCD, it's likely that your LCD panel is on its last legs. (tinting is a common failure path for iMac LCD's - red, green, and blue are the common tints that indicate failure)

Hope this helps.


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well - here's something funny - since i posted this message - i created a new user on the same machine - and the new user does not seem to have this problem. the screen and the colors work fine - i even calibrated and not hint of green or over saturation.
so now i am baffled - how much just the admin user seems to have this over saturation problem where the blues become teal and the greens become greener? i think photoshop is the culprit - anyone else out there having this same issue ?

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Do you have anythng set up in

Do you have anythng set up in photoshop that you care about? Meaning preferences? Otherwise I'd go to your users library folder and go to preferences and delete all the adobe preferences. restart and empty trash, and see if the probem persists.


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