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so i bought a newton mp 120 today. it came with the apple fax modem and a Belkin PCMCIA wireless card F5D6020. I want to use the newton as a portable e-mail reader, etc. can i get online with this? is there software I need download? where from?

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First, start off in "The Archives", more publicly known as the "United Network of Newton Archives", found at Failing that post the question at, the archives' related forum. Please note that the forum has a searchable forum archive to allow you to find previous discussions about a given topic.


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Welcome to the Newton fold

As Doug has stated, is nothing short of incredible. Look into the Newtontalk mailing list as well . I've never really done anything overly elaborate with my Newton, but my trusty MP130 has served me very well. During my college years, used it as a note taking device - printed my notes out with the LaserWriter IIntx I had at the time. They also work with Stylewriters and other Apple printers of similar vintage (haven't tried the iconic ImageWriter II though). For a great little note taking device on the go, it's great.

Also, be forewarned, if you've never used a Palm before, you'll learn to hate and revile them as much as I do. Though, I'm of the mind that technology should adapt to me and not the other way around.


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Good place to start - Welcome fellow Newtonian!


Here is a great place to start to search for info on how to do things with your Newton. These WikiWiki have been written by others who have documented how they did things with their Newtons and what they did. Though your setup might be different it should provide a general guide to help you get started.

Also elsewhere on you will find the files located in the archives there.

Of course you can always post a request for assistance at NewtonTalk.Net - But it would be best to read through first so you would understand some of the answers you will get ....

Welcome again to the Newton COmmunity! Smile