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Hey All.

I am currently working on a list of FAQ's for my computer business which our tech's will give out to out business customers when they install a new server..
Just so the clients can have some answers in front of them without ringing us up all the time;

This is what we have so far..

1 - What is a back up log? Where do I find it and how do I understand it?

2 - The Tape log says that there was problem!

3 - I put the wrong tape in

4 - The Tape was supposed to eject.. But it didnt!

5 - There was a power outage, the server went down and we have work to do!

6 - The server turned off while we were working!

7 - The internet wont work on any of our PC's on the Network

8 - How do I turn the server off safely?

9 - How to I power up the Server correctly?

** All of our business servers run Windows 2003 Server**

Can anyone think of any more FAQ's I should include in this list?

Cheers =D



Kurt Senior, RN, BSc.Nur

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"Who do I contact if my quest

"Who do I contact if my question isn't answered here?"


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