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Hey there... Great site... Sorry if've posted this in the wrong place. I have a G4 iBook and would like to change the glownig apple on the back cover to a different colour. I found a tutorial somewhere on how to do this but I can no longer find it, does anyone here know how to take the cover off or know a link to a website where I can find the instructions? Apologies if this is in the wrong place but I hope someone can help. Thanks!

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The iBook has four small hex

The iBook has four small hex screws around the screen, you have to take them off, and use the force a little to get the back cover off.
Start by releasing the top corners, and then move around.
Once the back cover is off, you can put something behind the apple, and if you need additional light, you can cut the white piece of paper thats behind the screen.


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