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Sorry to post all of the things I've noticed or questioned so far, but I've noticed that's "shipping" seems to either have me on a misunderstanding, or it is complete bull.

The reason I say that is because when I originally had ordered my new macbook it was listed as "free shipping" and "1-2 business days". But when I checked out the order on it said "shipping 8-12 business days - free, shipping 3-6 business days - $23.00". So of course I payed the extra 23 dollars (I need this thing for school, asap), but anyway, I've been checking up on my order status frequently and it has been 4 (business days) since I've placed my order and its saying "Not yet shipped - estimated shipping by Sept 20,2006".
So I'm pretty confused. Does apple have a different definition of shipping? or a different definition of days?



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The "Ships in 1-2 days" part

Refers to the time in which it will take Apple to actually get your item on the road to you. So, it ships out in 1-2 business days, then the actual delivery time comes into play via whatever carrier they use. The bottom line: the times listed on the product page are there to help you estimate a ship date, not the delivery date--you get that after checkout. That is why it says something like "Ships within 1-2 days" not "Delivers in 1-2 days" on the product page. Anyway hope that helped. (oh, and FYI, I checked the product listing page for the Macbook--since you placed your order, it is now a 5-7 day wait for Apple to ship. Inventory must be low...)


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All the more reason to buy at

All the more reason to buy at the store, unless you had some heavy configuration. My closest store is very very inconvenient, but I'll be damned if I wait for their shipping.

I do have to say, that the one accessory that I've bought from said 10-12 business days, and it arrived in like 3, so they do overestimate a bit.