Converting Composite signal to a suitable signal for modern TV or LCD/CRT Monitors

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I haven't built the Apple I yet, but was wondering if you can convert the Composite Signal so that a Modern TV LCD or even a CRT can display??

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unless I'm really wrong...

I think that composite video is exactly what you need to drive a modern CRT/LCD set with RCA or s-video inputs. If your TV has got RCA, you should be ready to go. If not, you'd need a video modulator- either using your VCR as one, or buying one. Alternately you could just find an old security monitor (dirt cheap) and use it dedicated to the Apple I.

If you want to hook a computer monitor to it, that is a horse of a different color.

good luck building the Apple I...


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How new? My replica 1 works o

How new? My replica 1 works on my 47" HDTV widescreen. Talk about jumbo TV TEXT! The replica 1 should work on most newer TV's with composite video in.



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Composite video + LCD

For anyone interested, I have assembled an old school MC6847 circuit to drive an "Legacy" (brand name) 5.5" LCD monitor, and an old Commodore 1702 monitor.

Includes pictures and schematics:

The old link no longer works, so here is the NEW LINK:

Look under the February 2009 Archive



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