All I remember were green monochrome graphics and....

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No idea what this was called.

A friend and I had ridden our bikes to this new computer store that sold these new things called apple computers for thousands of dollars.

The owner said that he would let us play games if we took out the trash and swept. We did.

From what I remember (early 80s) it was a green monochrom text/graphics game. You know: Go north. Go south. etc.

It was an adventure game where there was either an elf or a goblin (or something of that nature) chasing you. There was a hill, mountain, and a hut....with those ancient wire green monochrome (unfilled graphics).

The owner got sick of us hanging out there the whole afternoon and told us that we were hurting his business.

Never got the name of the game...

Any takers???

Thanks in advance!


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sounds familiar
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Thanks Cat! a definate pos

Thanks Cat!

a definate possibility! I don't remember an island, but then again I don't rembmber a lot of things! :} So far it sounds VERY possible with the year as well.