Brand new Macbook Dead on Delivery

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Here's a story for you guys:
(which you may or may not find interesting)

My friend and I are both in first year university and, we both ordered Macbooks after a week of realizing that taking notes by

So anyhow, I got the lower end version with a ram upgrade. (1.83ghz, 60gb, 1gb ram, etc) and he got the black, slightly more pimped out one. (2.0ghz, 80gb, etc)
Anyhow, he took his out of the box and it wouldn't turn on.
So he thought it was a dead battery (or at least he hoped), and no dice. Just, completely new from Apple and dead.
So, anyway he called apple about it, and they want him to send them the laptop so that they can repair it, as part of his apple care.
So basically, he's paying full price for a defective (yet repaired) laptop.
Mine is about to arrive either tonight and tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed for it to work fine.

I just figured I'd write this up and throw it out there as some kind of warning, or .. precaution, or something.



Macbook 1.83ghz,1gb ram,60gb HD.
Ibook G3 600 12",384mb ram,20gb HD.

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He should demand a DOA replacement

Apple will replace a machine that arrived DOA. It happens. Out of millions of computers, there are bound to be a few with issues. Same with cars. As Apple becomes a higher volume producer, expect more issues.


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Plus shippers arent always ge

Plus shippers arent always gentle with the goods...


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