Good CD burning program for mac?

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Hey everyone,

I've had a mac for a long time, but I've always burned cd's and copied them on my PC.

Does anyone know of a good program for mac? is there a nero for mac?

thanks for the help

(Macbook 1.83ghz, 60gb, 1gb ram)


Macbook 1.83ghz,1gb ram,60gb HD.
Ibook G3 600 12",384mb ram,20gb HD.

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CDs burn in the OS…

Mac OS X comes with it own built-in CD burning software. It doesn;t give you any options other than the speed you burn the disk at and its name, but it works fine for simple tasks.

Insert a blank CD into your Mac. You will get asked what you want to do with it. Choose "Lanuch Finder". Drag the files you want to burn onto the icon of the disk. Once everything is inside, double-click on the icon and click on the burn/radioactive icon in the left-hand side bar.

Then follow the on-screen instructions to burn the disk.


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You could check out the open

You could check out the open source Burn.

I found the link Here, an excellent source of open source apps for OS X.


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My favorite CD Burning Progs

... are BurnX Free and YuBurner.
Both are free and BurnX Free can erase a CD-RW.
Both are easily found online.



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If you want a very good burni

If you want a very good burning software I would suggest Roxio Toast Titanium. It isn't free but it has to be one of the best ones I've ever used.


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I thought Toast was pretty much the burning standard. not free, but really good

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i use toast TI in OS 9.2.2 an

i use toast Titanium in OS 9.2.2 and it is one of the best burning app's for Mac. i haven't tried the OS X version yet , i have just used the built in burning app in OS X


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Try somthing called quickeras

Try somthing called quickerase tiger for CD-RWs.

Adds a button to finder.

Email me and I will send them.