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When you open a new Opera tab by Command-Clicking on a link, the context immediately changes to that new tab. If you Command-Shift-Click on a link, the tab is opened in the background, so you can continue reading the current page.

I'd like to swap these key combinations, so Command-Clicking opens a tab in the background.

Any ideas where this data is stored? I've looked at almost every relevant file in the package, and poked through some of the binaries with a hex editor, but haven't found it.



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For an extra click...

right clicking the link gives you a contextual menu with either choice available, I know that wouldn't work for me though because it's an extra click... or perhaps on the machine in question right clicking isn't an option?

I think the click-and-hold on a link might net you the same if you have that "menu after 2 seconds" business enabled.

Otherwise, if I happen to find out I'll post again.

-- Macinjosh

Edit: Yeah, you probably knew these already but I thought I'd put them up in case it helps, or helps someone else further down the line.