Apple ii Games/Software to trade

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I have the following Apple ii games/software to trade;

Zaxxon – Datasoft (paper manual and floppy in sleeve)
Pegasus II – On-Line Systems (Card fold-over with disk in sleeve)
Horizon V – Gebelli (Paper case with insert instructions and disk in sleeve)
Bank Street Mailer – Broderbund (Card box with all the bits & pieces)
Music Construction Set – Electronic Arts (Card Folder with manual and disk in sleeve)
Silent Service – Microprose (Manual and disk)
The Great Main to California Race – Hayden (Disk in sleeve)
Frogger – Main Street Publishing (Disk in sleeve with small instruction sheet)
World’s Greatest Baseball Game – Epyx (2 floppies, manual and catalogue)
California Raisins – Box Office (Sealed Box)
One on One – Electronic Arts (EA Foldover card case with disk in sleeve and manual)
Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer – Electronic Arts (EA Foldover card case with disk in sleeve and some big manuals)
Scrabble Brand Crossword – Leisure Genius (Box with manual and disk)
Chessmaster 2000 – Software Toolworks (Foldover card manual with disk in sleeve and manual, tear on inner)
Visischedule (UK Edition) – Visicorp (Very Large rigid card box with all the bits & pieces, very heavy)

Also, I have what appears to be the demo and prototype disks for Clue from Casablanca Software (released by Leisure Genius)

Let me know if you need pics emailing, just realised games are untested but, if there is any interest, I will test them individually.

I collect text and graphic adventures on any non-cartridge system, let me know if your are interested.