Picture of CFFA1 (CF for Apple1) prototype

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Hi All,

I put up a picture of my latest prototype on the main CFFA site.
(At some point the CFFA1 will get its own web page.)
If you click on the picture you will get another picture showing
the CFFA1 in my Obtronix Apple1 clone.

I don't have availablity dates or pricing yet, because I still need
to gauge the interest level for this board. If you are interested definately
let me know. I would love to build 100 of these things!

Rich Dreher

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this is something i would be

this is something i would be interested in for sure...i need a card such as this to put in my IIGS


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Good job!

This looks great, it must be a hard work to finish such thing. I'm really surprised by this.


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