QuickSilver G4 front LED/button pinouts?

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Every since my G4 died many moons ago, I've been tinkering with the idea of putting a PC board in it, and using it as my test bench machine. I went out and bought an Intel D945GTP motherboard (MicroATX) and I've started working on getting it to fit in the case and lining up and all that good stuff. Now's the time for a new power supply and getting it to all work right. I WANT to be able to utilize the G4's original power button/LED rather than rigging up my own stuff. I want it to work as originally as possible without any unsightly hacks on the outside of the case. So, does anyone know what the pinouts are for the conector? ANY help at all would be insanely appreciated, and this site has given me so much inspiration to do hacks and mods to my machines (even if I never actually did them Wink)


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