Apple 17" Studio Display

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I just bought 2 17" Apple Studio Display monitors at a junk yard for $20 and 1 seems to power up and gets warm but no signal, the other the power led flashes from green to orange. Anybody know of common issues with these or can direct me somewhere before I go and open these up ?? If all else fails any fourms or guide's to monitor hacks and basic opening and how to, this will be my first monitor fix/hack. Anything else reguarding to Apple 17" Studio Display monitor's and possible hack's or fix's...thanx.

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I wish you luck...

...we've had a handful of them (actually the larger displays) that went out just as you describe. That was the point that they found their way to the junk heap. It seems as if I remember this being a somewhat common problem with these displays.

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Could the cable from the Mac (I am asuming[sp?]) be frayed?