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I have a hard drive (160GB hard drive to be a matter of fact) that is giving me BIG flashing letters telling me that the SMART status is reporting as failing.
Now, i don't hear any clicks, whirs, or anything audible that gives me any indication of how or if it is failing (TechTool Pro scanned it and found nothing wrong data wise) and I need to know if there is a way in command line that would tell me which of the SMART Self-Diagnostic tests, that it is failing.
I don't know much about how to use the UNIX subsystem behind OS X, but I DO know that it most likely can help me dig up this info. The question is:
How do I get to that data?

I am NOT planning on storing any major data, and ESPECIALLY nothing that is critical. So, you don't need to tell me to back up my stuff (i got that on my .7TB RAID system, and mirrored on DVD's, and my iBook [for on the go]) And get a new drive. This is not the point. I just need to see where it is failing, and figure out how much life this puppy has in it.

I am counting on the *nix geeks out there to tell me how to do this.

Would be Ever-so-grateful,


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My experience with SMART is t

My experience with SMART is that it doesn't even say Failed half of the time, and when it does it's always after other symptoms appear. You should consider yourself lucky you hae such advance notice!

This article (http://prefetch.net/articles/diskdrives.smart.html) looks like a good resource for BSD. I'm sure it would work on Linux as well.


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