Installed Panther Server on B/W G3..Having issues setting some stuff up

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I just installed panther server on my b/w G3 350 256MB/100GB HD
Im having issues getting the mail server set up, it wont send mail out or recieve, i have an internet hostname and I cant find where to change it, Id also like to dabble with netboot.. See im a recent switcher and im trying to learn what i can learn, Ive managed windows servers and i figured why not learn to do it on the mac.. Any tips and tricks i should know about when setting up a mail/web/ftp/file and netboot server.. This is just a challenge for me, ive googled and goodled and havent turned up much, its now 5 am and i had stayed up all night, so far I can VNC into it and SSH into it and create users and groups